Last week one of our latest books made a big splash, getting reviews and extracts in both the Daily Mai and the Times. Fighting Talk: The military origin of everyday words and phrases (also known as  Sticklers,Sideburns and Bikinis: The military origins of everyday words and phrases if you happen to live in the USA or Canada) has been one of favourite books this year so we are really pleased that it is getting the exposure it deserves.

As well as appearing in the "real" paper version of the publications, they also appeared online, so you can read the piece in the Daily Mail here.

And you can read the piece in The Times here.

As well as being great publicity for our book, this is also a great opportunity to explain why sometimes our books have different titles and covers in the US and the UK. We have changed the titles and the covers a couple of times - notably on our book on the SAS by Pete Scholey. In the UK this was known as SAS Heroes, but in the US it was called Who Dares Wins.

Simple cover changes have happened more regularly. Military Misdemeanours has two different covers,  as does The Enemy Within.

With Fighting Talk / Sticklers, Sideburns and Bikinis we delivered a range of cover options and titles to our sales reps in the UK and in the US. In the US they loved the Pythonesque cover - and the mention of sideburns and bikinis. In the UK the reps preferred a shorter snappier title - with the cover toned down ever so slightly.

Even now I cannot decide which version I prefer the most. What do you think?