This weekend, Osprey is off to my favourite show of the year: Salute at the London Exel, the biggest show on the wargaming calendar. We\'re going to have some great stuff on offer this year.

First off, I\'ve got the last few copies of Battle: The Osprey Postcard Collection. These guys sold out within days of being released in the United Kingdom, but I foresaw this and ordered up a couple dozen boxes specifically for Salute. If you want one, swing by early, I don\'t expect them to last!

In other big news, I also managed to get a box of April books! There are some really good titles coming out in April: Solferino 1859, Chindit, World War II Axis Booby Traps and Sabatoge Tactics, and, of course, the new Field of Glory book, Swifter than Eagles!  Once again, I\'ll have limited numbers, so come early.

Finally, I\'ll also be taking the opportunity to talk to some of the miniatures companies and get the last few entries of the Historical Miniature Showdown, so that hopefully, I\'ll soon be able to announce the competitors.

Hope to see you Saturday!