I\'m currently busy working on my presentation for Historicon which as usual will be titled Osprey Insights: From Development to Latest Publications.

I\'ll be starting with a round-up of publications coming out in the near future with maybe some news on titles further ahead just to whet your appetitie.

I\'ll also be showing off our new Raid series and talking about some other ideas we have for new series - I\'m looking forward to your comments on those.

I\'m have lined up some experienced Osprey authors to give an overview of what it is like to write for us, Steve Zaloga has done it for the last couple of years and always gives it straight which is mostly good!

If you are interested in attending it takes place on the Saturday at 1pm, venue to be announced. Otherwise if you are around pop up to our stand on the balcony and let me know what you think.

See you there!