Gettysburg has long been one of my favourite war movies, but even I have to pause before watching it and ponder if I can really handle four hours of big beards and musket-fire. This weekend, I was. While watching such a sprawling epic, it\'s unavoidable that a lot of thoughts and questions will spring to mind, and here are a few of mine.
  • Tom Berenger can act when he wants to.
  • Did I see some breech loading guns in use by Buford\'s cavalry?
  • This movie spent almost nothing on gory special effects, and is probably better for it.
  • Can Gods and Generals really be as bad as I hear?
  • I wonder how many Generals in the American Civil War actually sat around arguing the theories of Charles Darwin.
  • Why do I take such devilish delight in seeing Ted Turner get gunned down during Pickett\'s charge?
  • Fifteen years on, this is still a very good war movie.