Isn\'t it difficult finding the time to read a book? I know I have bookmarks in at least seven of the books on my shelves at home. I\'ll pick one up to read on the bus or train (about the only time I seem able to put aside for recreational reading) and at the end of every trip I seem to have planted another static bookmark. So it is quite thrilling to be able to read the entirety one of Shire\'s brief introductory titles in one trip - they are engaging and clear, so can easily be read during the continuous distractions of a journey by train or bus. I also find them just the right length for the journey on my occasional jaunts between Oxford and London - I read half of it on the outbound journey and the other half on the way back, and hey presto, I\'ve read a book in one day or one weekend! So far I have read Medieval Wall Paintings this way, and had a sneak preview (one of the perks of being a Shire editor) of the fresh first proofs of Beach Huts and Bathing Machines, out later this year. Both held my complete attention, whilst at the same time allowing me to chat occasionally with fellow travellers. I will certainly be reading many Shire books this way in the future.

I am sure that countless others read Shire books in this way - do you?