It Is Bigger Than I Expected!

Whenever you get an Osprey book you can be pretty certain about what you are going to get. Buy a Men-at-Arms and you are guaranteed 48 pages, reams of photos and some great artwork. A Campaign will get you 96 pages, a few pieces of battlescene art, some BEVs (aka birds-eye-views) and a few maps. Our series restrictions are pretty strict, and it is often quite hard for our authors and editors to have to cut bits out of a book to get it to fit the restrictions of our series.

But, every now and then we bend the rules.

Usually when you pick up an Essential History you will be expecting a 96 page book to come through your postbox and land on your doormat. But last year one of our Essential Histories overran its required word count. And try as we might we simply couldn't bring ourselves to cut anything out of it. So we decided to break the golden rule and slightly extend the format. And so arrived  Essential 69 The Russian Civil War 1918-22, weighing in at a hefty 140+ pages .

I was secretly very pleased that this book got bumped up to a longer read -  I studied the Russian Civil War at school , and again at university and always found it a fascinating subject, and certainly was not disappointed by this book!