As some of you probably know, a year or so ago Osprey Publishing became the proud owners of Shire Publications - who publish a fantastic range of books on history, heritage, collectibles and nostalgia. A couple of weeks ago we launched a new website for Shire Publications, where you can find out all about the fantastic range of books they publish, read blogs about what it is like to work for them and debate various points on the Shire Noticeboard.

But, we owe a number of subscribers to the Osprey newsletter an apology. When we sent out our first ever Shire e-newsletter it seems as if there was some kind of technical hitch, and everyone who is signed up to receive Osprey newsletters also received the Shire newsletter.

We immediately took action on this - we believe that the fault has now been corrected and going forward, unless you have signed up to receive the Shire newsletter, you should not receive it. We can only apologize to any of you who received the Shire newsletter in error - we have done everything in our power to make sure this will not happen again.

If however you did like what you saw - and want to continue to receive the Shire newsletter, you will have to register to receive it - all of the Osprey subscribers have been removed from the list now!

If you would like more information on Shire Publications and the books that they publish, please visit