Some say he once challenged Julius Caesar to an arm-wrestling match, and that he eats military history books with milk and orange juice for his breakfast. All we know is that he is called.... the Osprey Quizmaster!

And, this month he has really cranked up the difficulty level on his latest military history quiz.

Are you brave enough - or foolhardy enough to take him on at his own game? Click here to take the quiz - and if you are fortnuate and cunning enough to come through with every question correct you could be in the chance to win a very cool prize.

And don't be afraid to let us know how you scored, post your score as a comment, and we can congratulate you....or mock you accordingly.

Having said that, I only got 4 right, so I may have to go and cower in a corner for the rest of the day... the Osprey Quizmaster defeats me again!!

Have a good weekend everyone!