A few months ago, I wrote a blog talking about the future of the Command series - and giving some titillating glimpses at what was due to come out in 2011.

I didn't really feel like I could keep you in the dark for much longer though, so here is the full list of 2011 Command titles for you to have a look at!

CMD 11 Hannibal (February)
CMD 12 Saladin (April)
CMD 13 Guderian (April)
CMD 14 Garibaldi (June)
CMD 15 Model (June)
CMD 16 Horation Nelson (July)
CMD 17 Bill Slim (July)
CMD 18 Eisenhower (August)
CMD 19 Lawrence of Arabia (August)
CMD 20 Orde Wingate (October)
CMD 21 George Washington (October)

A nice spread of titles there - personally I simply cannot wait until Orde Wingate arrives, and CMD 12 Saladin could be a gorgeous titles - I can just see the brilliant artwork it could have - as Peter Dennis is scheduled to illustrate it.