As some of you will have noticed, we have a new artist in the Osprey fold - Johnny Shumate.

Johnny is a freelance illustrator from Nashville, Tennessee, and has been working in this field since 1987. He renders the majority of his work digitally, and has featured prominently and often in Ancient Warfare magazine.

Recently, however, Johnny has been pulled from his ancient history, and has been completing a variety of fantastic pieces for RAID and WEAPON. Here are a few sneak peeks of his art...

First up, is a piece from our upcoming Raid 14: The Los Banos Prison Camp Raid - The Philippines 1945. This is actually the third Raid that Johnny has illustrated (he also did the art for Raid 11: Pegasus Bridge and Raid 12: Roughshod through Dixie).


The second piece of art we are going to reveal today is from one of our upcoming Weapon titles - Weapon 4: Browning .50 caliber Machine Guns. Johnny has also done the art for Weapon 5: Katana - The Sword of the Samurai.