You never know what you\'ll find when you dig through the garbage. Maritime researchers in the US think they\'ve found the remains of the last missing Japanese mini-sub which participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Could it really be the sub that torpedoed and capsized the battleship USS Okalahoma?

On a lighter note - you finally get to take that tank out for a spin and you crash it through someone\'s garden fence. Typical.

In the world of military magazines, a couple of articles caught my eye this past month. America\'s Civil War has a really interesting piece about building the pontoon bridges that U.S. Grant used during his advance through Virginia. Some terrific photographs support the text. If you look carefully on that page, you can find a link to an article about the town in Tennessee which has built a monument to Nathan Bedford Forest's horse.

This month\'s issue of Aeroplane contains a good article about Japan\'s attempt to attack the United States with thousands of explosive balloons launched into the jet stream.

Moving over to the wargaming and modelling world, I just came across this video tutorial for a fantastic looking piece of software for designing and printing out your own model buildings in any scale. It's on the PaintingCorp blog site, a great resource for model painting, even if it mainly deals with science-fiction.  If you are looking for some new 28mm miniatures to temp you into a new period, take a look at the new modern SAS figures from Empress Miniatures. I saw the greens for these guys on display at Warfare and can honestly say they are some of the best-sculpted 28mm miniatures I have ever seen.

Finally, if you\'re looking for an easy way to kill off a couple of hours, check out the War Movie Blog. If you can\'t find a couple more DVDs to add to you Netflix list, then you aren\'t trying.

Well, that\'s all for now, I\'ll be back soon with more interests and oddities from the world of military history.