The first to catch my eye was Railways in Wartime. This little book by Tim Bryan tells the story of the British locomotive, both at home and abroad during both World Wars. It’s also crammed with cool photographs of trains, some armoured, some carrying war material, some destroyed. It’s a quick and fascinating little read.


The next book, Anglo-Saxon England is one that has been hard to miss around the office. Coming from the Shire Living Histories series, it covers all aspects of life during the Anglo-Saxon period. With lots of artwork, photos of surviving and reconstructed architecture, and shots of archaeological finds, it’s a great primer for anyone interested in this period of English history.


Finally, I just had to mention The Victorian Criminal by Neil R Story. This book has been staring at me as I’ve moved around the office. The haunting imagery goes beyond the cover. The book is filled with pictures of famous or infamous criminals. But this is more than just a catalogue of murderers, it is a short but serious look at both urban and rural crime during the Victorian period.