Over the last month, you have all been sending in your suggestions for gaps in the Campaign series that need to be filled. You have sent in hundreds of brilliant suggestions, all of which our editors are looking over intently. Five of these books will be selected to go up on our Book Vote very shortly.

But enough about last year - hopefully we have not drained your creative juices completely, because this month the challenge turns to a new series - Elite.

As before, what we would like you to do is suggest 5 titles which would fill glaring gaps in our coverage of history in the Elite series. Rank these suggestions from 1-5 (with 1 being your favourite) and post them in the comments section below.

We will then have a look at the suggestions, select the 5 most popular suggestions and put them up for the public vote in our February book vote.

But, for this to work - we need you to support the titles that you would like to see. It doesn't matter if someone has already suggested the 5 titles you were going to suggest. Post them up anyway and support suggestions made by others, rather than getting increasingly obscure with your suggestions.

And don't worry if your favourite suggestion doesn't actually win the final book vote - we won't cast aside those ideas immediately, rather it will provide a rating of how urgently we need to fill particular gaps.

So start commenting now with your Elite series suggestions (and don't forget the Tactics miniseries) - and next month we will be looking at New Vanguard.