Every time military aviation journalist Steve Davies gets a ride in an F-18 Super Hornet or F-15 Strike Eagle, his stomach is in his mouth. “When you take off and the pilot plugs in the burners, it’s impossible to describe the feeling,” says Davies. Luckily for readers, it is not difficult for Davies, who is a civilian, to describe the advanced jet fighters that help keep America and its allies safe around the world. In his new book US Multi-Role Fighters , Davies takes readers on a visual and intellectual journey through America’s most advanced jet fighters. These versatile warbirds are capable of demolishing ground and air threats and dropping bombs onto enemy targets hundreds of miles from base.

Listen to my podcoast with Steve about his new  book: http://www.ospreypublishing.podbean.com.

Davies also has the distinction of being the only Brit to have a book named to this year's USAF Chief of Staff reading list. Steve's 2008 book on America's Secret MiGs, entitled Red Eagles, was named to the military heritage section of the list for 2011.


A revised & updated paperback of Red Eagles is due out early next year.