I’ve got to admit it, I love reading about warships blasting one another to fragments. It is like a clash of titans, each side firing cannons that would devastate entire regiments of infantry, and this month Osprey is releasing two classic match-ups from two very different eras of naval warfare.

First up is CAM 230: Nile 1798: Nelson’s first great victory by Gregory Fremont-Barnes, which tells the story of one of the most complete victories in the history of fighting sale. Gregory pulls not punches in his narrative, which is filled with first hand quotes and dramatic descriptions of wooden ships pounded into splinters. It also includes one of the most gruesome (though historically accurate) artwork plates, depicting Captain Dupetit-Thouars continuing to command his ship despite the loss of one leg and both his hands.

Also this month we are releasing CAM 232: The Bismarck 1941: Hunting Germany’s greatest battleship by Angus Konstam. Where as The Nile was more a slugfest, The Bismarck is a cat-and-mouse story punctuated by several sharp and destructive fights. Angus gives us the full story of the dramatic story that eventually ran the German battleship down. The book is packed with photographs of the ships at sea and several moody paintings by Paul Wright.

So if you like big ships and naval battles – it is your month here at Osprey.

Double Campaign