Hey folks – Adam here with some of the latest news in modelling this week – and we have gone a little Mustang Krazy it would seem!

"April Fool's Day!" You say – Well the false announcements have been coming thick and fast this week – Tamiya releasing a early mark Spitfire in 32nd? A British Phantom in the same scale? Or maybe just the old chestnut a new 1/32 P-51D? Well Zoukei-Mura have beaten them all to the punch this month with the OFFCIAL announcement that they are following up their Shinden, Ta 152 and Skyraider with a brand new tool P-51D in 1/32

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Here's hoping that its perfect – Revell, Hasegawa and most recently Dragon have tried and only partially done it. (The closest is the Jerry Rutman model in resin if you can still find it). If the rumours of the Tamiya Mustang are true, it makes sense to announce ZM's kit now to steal a bit of the thunder.

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Here is the announcement page translated. Although the translation I found from Babel is pretty crude, this looks like they are putting a real good effort in and trying for a realistic shape, which has been the bugbear of every other model maker before now with this plane. If it is anything like their Ta 152 kit I will be happy. Fingers crossed P-51 fans, between this (and probably Tamiya) your prayers will be answered this year.

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Zotz from Mexico have a few new decals sheets in production, and just in time for the ZM announcement was their three sheets of P-51 mustang decals. The news of these has been out for a few weeks now but Eli could not have timed the announcement any better really.

Before becoming sidetracked by the news of the impending Mustangs, I was due to bring you news of Zotz' newest sheet in development – an excellent new in 1/32 sheet covering the 1/32 Airocobra "Soviet P-39 Aces". This release covers five different aircraft from the second world war and is designed to go along with the special hobby kit which was well received. It should make an excellent companion to the other P-39 sheet from Zotz "1/32 P-39 Airacobras in the PTO"

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Model makers Masterbox from the Ukraine have given us in majority figures in the past, with some smaller tanks and some very very nice Motorcycles. This time however they have sent pictures of an imminently to be released Kit number 35100: Type 170V Tourenwagen, 4 Turen. It looks amazing and a real step forward from the pictures sent to us, and the pictures on their website showing the chassis and running gear.

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Along with a fully positionable bonnet showing an excellent engine which looks pretty correct to scale, at least on the first prototype, you have four doors which can be open or closed and an excellent hood which can be up or down as well. This would be an excellent addition to any diorama, and congrats to Masterbox for getting back into the vehicle making business. Check out their site for some other really nice new kits coming up. We may even build one here!

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Going on to another Tracked Vehicle in 1/35, Chinese model makers Dragon have announced that they are making another new version of their Kettenkrad for a May release.

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I say another because Dragon have at least two already in this scale, but the new "Premium" kit has a few new features which could prove the incentive to buy. There is a newly tooled hull and back light. New tool OVM axe and shovel and front driving fork and spring for the late production Kettenkrad. The best thing though, in my opinion, is the inclusion of two one-piece Dragon Styrene "DS" tracks to fit to the bike. I have the 1/35 Tamiya and Zoukei-mura 1/32 Kettenkrad, and they both come undone in the Track department. So hopefully this is the one to buy! A note from Dragon….

"Some years ago Dragon released a couple of 1/35 scale plastic kits of the Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad. Now this novel and fascinating vehicle has received a makeover to bring it up to modern-day standards. The new kit features a Late Production model with the appropriate modifications such as new front driving fork, side hull. The Kettenkrad was designed as a light towing vehicle, and this is exactly what it is doing in Item No.6446, for it is towing a 3.7cm PaK 36 antitank gun. Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of this new kit is the set of brand new DS tracks. The attractive set also comes with a set of German soldiers to create an instant diorama. To make their job easier, the soldiers have newly tooled hands, while the driver is a new figure as well. "
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Hopefully Dragon release this updated version with the Anti –Tank "Puppchen" and German Paratroopers. Now that was a good combination!
Stay tuned for our weekly news and industry insider section, as well as our weekly kit review and build – right here!

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Till next time have fun modelling!!

Adam Norenberg