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First off is a 200mm resin bust kit from the excellent hands of sculptor Yury Serebryakov from Castle Miniature.

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YS200-02 Panzerspähmann, 1940 is inspired by the drawing of a German AFV soldier and to me is incredibly realistic in its portrayal. You can clearly make out the insignia and features of this trooper, and I am really blown away at the skill some people have. I am sure you will agree.

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Below are two more releases from Castle Miniature - KitYS75-02 - 16th century nobleman, a 75mm resin kit made of two pieces.

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And kit:YS-250-03-A – A pirate from  the XVIIc, which is a resin 250mm bust of exquisite quality – “Warts and all”

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Next up is the latest armour kit from LZ models. These guys make some really excellent rail stock in resin as well as some great railroad accessories. This month they have branched out into armour kits with their latest May release, the 1/35 American M29 Weasel.

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For people who don’t know the weasel, it was an all-purpose tracked vehicle used to supply frontline troops over difficult ground when wheeled vehicles were unable to be used. This little vehicle was invented by British inventor Geoffrey Pyke to be used in areas like the artic and flooded areas and could float and travel on roads at 36 miles an hour!!

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This resin kit looks excellent in detail and will come with 330 resin parts as well as having 100 photo-etch parts. The kit will include some plastic pieces and clear foil and wires used in assembly. Decals come in three flavours, two American and one British vehicle, and the instructions and a stash of reference pictures will come on a reference CD supplied with the kit – Nice!!

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The M29 1/35 American M29 Weasel is now available in the LZ Models shop on special pre-order price. This is a limited offer; do not miss it. The kit contains 330 resin and 100 PE parts. All pre-orders will be shipped next week. Also a new upgrade set for BR86 locomotive is now available in their shop, electric equipment and interior, with 40 resin and 10 PE parts.

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Tarangus AB from Sweden have just released pictures on their website of their new kit, the 1/48 scale SAAB Lansen. This kit is an injection-moulded model, with pictures of their masters that have been created by Fredrik Zetterberg, President the company. I really like it that there are new companies that are not afraid to make their own kits and hopefully listen to modellers rather than producing stuff the “think” we will like!!

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Tarangus are posting pictures of their kit’s progress on their website for you to view, and you can even email them to give your feedback if you wish – how refreshing!! On pre- order from the Aviation Mega-Store for 41 Euros, the value of the kit gets better as the reconnaissance version option is also included in the box. Tarangus are also planning a 1/48th scale Tunnan so the Swedish aviation lovers will be up to their elbows in plastic soon enough. 1/32 Viggen anybody??

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Metal Modeles from France have released some news about their new 54mm scale figures, on foot and on horse. These look amazing, and I thought you would like to see them. First up is the General Louis Michel Letort de Lorville figure.

Pic 15

Sculpted in white metal this 54mm figure was sculpted by Bruno Leibovitz and is seen here in his full regalia mounted on an impressive horse during the Napoleonic wars. This General, whose name is actually engraved on the north face of the Arc De Triumph, has an interesting leopard-skin helmet on. The horse is really well sculpted as well, and this model sells for Euro 58.

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Next from this company is the Dragoon of the Guard in greatcoat 1813. This figure is again 54mm and is made from nine tin and lead alloys (white metals). like the other kits here, it comes unpainted. Again sculpted by Bruno Leibovitz, this figure is only 24Euros.

Pic 18

These Dragoons numbered fewer than 100,000 at the time of the invasion of Russia in 1813, and this soldier looks pretty spectacular in his long coat with ceremonial sword.

Pic 19

Next is the Dragoon of the Guard in frock 1808. Made from thirteen white metal parts, this 54mm kit would be one of the troops commanded by the general Louis Michel Letort de Lorville. Resplendent in the same Leopard – or is that a Jaguar - skin helmet.

Pic 20

Again this figure is sculpted by Bruno Leibovitz, and I would think that in 1808 the French Grande Armee would have been either fighting in Portugal or participating in the occupation of Spain.

Pic 21

Last of this month’s new releases is (Yes you guessed it) sculpted by Bruno Leibovitz and is in 54mm and made of ten parts of white metal, I give you the Light Infantry, voltigeur 1809!

Pic 22

Voltigeurs were Napoleon’s light infantry skirmishers who originally were going to be horse bourn fast moving infantry. These troops ended up being part of the Grande Armee as regular soldiers, albeit with the original name. More info can be found on: Metal Modeles website.

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Last of all, but definitely not least and news HOT of the press is the release of a 1/48th scale A-37/OA-37B Dragonfly by Squadron MMD under their boutique model brand Encore Models.

I have two Encore kits, and I can tell you they are true to their philosophy to really try and bring an older but worthy kit back to life and update it with the best and newest of modelling materials and technology. The F-102A Delta Dagger I own is a case in point. I see this kit as another great prospect from them.

Pic 24

Encore Models have added to the base Monogram plastic kit extensive resin upgrades by Avionix and True Details - cockpit tub, sidewalls, controls, instrument panel, glare shield, gunsight, ejection seats, nose and main wheels, Mk 82 bombs (x4) and LAU-32/A rocket launcher pods (x2); plus photo-etch details by Eduard (including FOD screens and colour instrument panels).

Decal choices include 3 aircraft variations of the Dragonfly right through its glittering career. Below is a picture of the actual pilot Capt. John Lamb getting a shower from the fire crew on returning from the mission with this aircraft that is on the box top art – nice research eh?

Pic 25

•    USAF A-37B s/n 69-6350 of the 808th Special Operations Squadron, pilot Capt John Lamb, Bien Hoa Air Base, Vietnam, 1971;
•    USAF OA-37B Pennsylvania Air National Guard s/n 73-1094 of the 103rd Fighter Squadron, 1987
•    Fuerza Aéra Dominicana OA-37B cn 43265, s/n 3701 of the Escuadrón de Combate, San Isidro Air Base, 2000.

This kit is already on Pre-Order for 20% off – (Just US$ 39.95) before the release in July at the Squadron online store.

Please do have a good week, and hopefully you get a chance to do some modelling rather than just looking at your stash! More interesting items for next week – till then…

Have fun modelling!

Adam Norenberg