Over the last eight weeks, the National Army Museum Website has been running a public vote to determine ‘Britain’s Greatest General’. Over the weeks, many of the greats have fallen. Kitchner – gone. Wolfe – out. Montgomery – no chance.

They have finally narrowed the field to five – and each of those five has been given a champion. Here they are:

The Duke of Wellington - Peter Snow
Douglas Haig - William Philpott
Oliver Cromwell - Andrew Hopper
The Duke of Marlborough - James Falkner
William Slim - Robert Lyman

Here are Osprey, we are especially proud that Slim has made the list, and he is being championed by Robert Lyman who is writing our Bill Slim book for the command series, due out in July 2011.

On April 9, the five champions will gather at the National Army Museum for a final showdown.

Check out National Army Museum website for more information.