.... the second of Charly's favourite Osprey books (with some great artwork)

One of my books of 2012 has to be Jon Guttman’s Naval Aces of World War 1 (Part 2). I have worked on the aviation list for a few years now, and World War I topics always fascinate me – the first powered flights were taking place at the start of the century and such a short time later aircraft were actively engaged in combat. Technology moves explosively fast.


I particularly like Osprey books that come in multiple volumes (you get more Osprey, what’s not to love?) Jon’s first Naval Aces book covers the RNAS and this second volume looks at aces who flow alongside or against the RNAS. Both books contain gorgeous profiles by Harry Dempsey – World War I aircraft illustrator extraordinaire – and the colours, shapes and patterns on show are something else, particularly in this second installment!




Don’t miss the (flying) boat – go ahead and add both books to your Christmas list.