A new shipment of some of our most popular titles! April has been a busy month of re-stocking, with our Battle for the Falklands coming back in stock, and a Books Back in Stock UK Special. You lucky people...

ACE 100: Ki-44 ‘Tojo’ Aces of World War II
ACE 101: Luftwaffe Viermot Aces 1942-1945

CAM 100: D-Day  1944 (1) Omaha Beach
CAM 146: The Marshall Islands 1944
CAM 177: Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood
CAM 183: Denmark and Norway 1940
CAM 223: Operation Nordwind 1945

DUE 002: Sherman Firefly vs Tiger
DUE 039: La-5/7 vs FW 190

ELI 099: Italian Army Elite Units and Special Forces 1940-43

FOR101: The Forts of Colonial America

GNM:No Greater Ally- The Untold Story of Polish Forces in World War Two
GNM:Tank Spotters Guide
GNM:The Vikings

NVG 183: Warships of the Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-74

RAID 026: Tora! Tora! Tora! - Pearl Harbor 1941

WPN 001: Thompson Submachine Gun