Today marks the official release of RAID 29: The Hunt for Pancho Villia – The Columbus Raid and Pershing’s Punitive Expedition 1916-17, and man I am ready!  This title has a special resonance for me.  You see after Pancho’s raid, the US called out the National Guard to patrol the border with Mexico and among the volunteers was my great-granddaddy, James McCullough.9781849085687

However, even for those without the family connection, this is a great story.  On the one hand it is one of the last, major ‘Old West’ adventures, with gunmen riding horses and wearing sombreros.  On the other, it is the first test of the modern American Army with its motorized armoured cars and airplanes.

Pancho Villa, ‘Black Jack’ Pershing, and a young, gun-slinging George S. Patton? Come on, you know you want one.