Some very exciting news for you all today, Osprey has announced the launch of a series of digital-only books! A few of the more observant of you have already noticed that some of these titles have already started to appear on our website, including Will Fowler's Allies at Dieppe: 4 Commando and the US Rangers - and there is much more to come over the next few weeks. 

As well as bringing back some books that have been cruelly left out of print for too long, we are also commissioning new material, including our first ever eBook to stand alongside a physical book. When Terry Crowdy was putting together his book Incomparable: Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment there was simply too much good stuff that we couldn't quite fit into the book. So Terry converted the excess information into a series of essays which we are publishing in eBook format alongside the physical book. Incomparable - a collection of essays: The formation and early history of Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment is due out in August, just a few short weeks before the book will be on sale in your local bookshop.


All of these eBooks will be available direct from our site in epub and pdf formats - and will also be available direct through all the other major eBook retailers (Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Apple etc).

This, combined with our ongoing project to digitize our entire backlist of series titles means it is all go here at Osprey towers on the digital front - but rest assured we remain committed to producing the highest quality military history books for your bookshelves too - in fact next year looks like our busiest-ever in terms of the number of books being produced!

For the full, official announcement of this new line of eBooks you can download the Press Release here.