Osprey will be showcasing a number of new games and Series books this week from July 19-22 at Historicon in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Our blockbuster new minis game for the year is BOLT ACTION 28mm World War II designed by Warlord Games! It releases September 18th, but limited quantities will be available for purchase at Historicon and GenCon. Designed by Rick Priestley’s Warlord Games, this is the first Osprey Wargame that has a specific miniatures line associated with it. Warlord manufactures over 500 blister packs and a 100 box sets for the game in pewter and plastic. Stop by the Warlord booth to see the range, beauty, and pose-ability of their minis. You can demo the game at either the Osprey or the Warlord booth.

The new Field of Glory Napoleonic designed by Slitherine came out in March, and the first supplement book Triumph of Nations released in June. This game streamlines the FOG rules down to a more basic fast-paced version of FOG Renaissance. Please stop by the Osprey booth and play a demo game of a Russian division assaulting a bridge defended by the French.

Dux Bellorum by David Mersey brings Arthurian skirmish combat to your minis table. If you’ve played Mersey’s A Glutter of Ravens, you’ll find this is in essence a streamlined 2nd edition of that game designed for faster play & easier interpretation. Though it releases August 21st, we’ll have a limited supply for purchase at Historicon. Please stop by the Osprey booth for a demo battle of Romano-British vs. Saxons at the Tree of Woe.

Fans of Empress Miniatures will enjoy Paul Eaglestone’s A World Aflame, releasing August 21st. Like most of our games, you can use any minis in any scale with this game. Osprey and the Age of Glory booth will have a limited supply for purchase at Historicon, and we’ll be running a 1930s Abyssinian ambush of an Italian column at the Osprey booth.

Origins Award Nominee Force on Force came within 2 votes of winning Best Historical Miniatures Game for 2012 versus games that have had established communities for decades. Designed by Ambush Alley Games, the next supplement, Fallujah, hits the streets August 21st. We’ll have a limited supply for purchase at the show. Please stop by the booth for a demo if you haven’t played this awesome skirmish game or the sci-fi version Tomorrow’s War, which was nominated for the Best Sci-fi Minis Game Origins Award.

As always, we’ll bring all our summer releases so you can get a preview of what’s just around the corner!