At Osprey, we're proud of our books, no more so than when they get a good review from specialist readers! Here are some of the very kind reviews we've had for our latest releases.

  • CAM 239: Plataea 479 BC  'If you only buy one Osprey Book this year, buy this one.' – Slingshot Magazine.

  • RAID 28: Run the Gauntlet  'A superb history 10/10' – The Great War

  • GNM: El Alamein  'This is a well-balanced account of this four month long campaign, acknowledging the strengths and weakness of Rommel, Auchinleck, Montgomery and the very different armies that they led. The contribution of some of the better Italian units is also acknowledged.' –

  • GNA: America’s Secret MiG Squadron  'Highly readable and highly recommended.' – Model Aircraft.

  • DUEL 36: Spad VII vs Albatros D III  'Osprey continues to go from strength-to-strength with its Duel Series in terms of quality and presentation and this latest title doesn’t disappoint. Another great work from Osprey.' – Airfix Model World.

  • CAM 223: Operation Nordwind: Hitler’s Last Offensive in the West  'An excellent, concise study on a little known yet strategically important campaign. Find room for it on your shelf.' - World at War.

  • GNM: Incomparable  ' a ripping yarn, very difficult to put down, obviously based on years of very deep research in various archives and collections, which have given the author a very intimate knowledge of the officer corps of the regiment and of its daily routines, operating procedures, strengths and weaknesses. Through the well-woven narrative the reader becomes close to several of the main characters of the regiment, as the progress of the 9th is charted through the subsequent campaigns of 1805, 1806 and 1807, then into Spain. This fascinatingly readable history is published by our old friends Osprey and I recommend it thoroughly.' -