On October 18th, The Rifles Massed Band & Bugles will perform at the Royal Albert Hall in a unique event supporting Care for Casualties. With special guest stars, the event will celebrate 200 years of the Rifles, from the battle of Salamanca to modern day Afghanistan.

'It is over 200 years since Riflemen made their first appearance in the British Army using the silver bugle as a means of communication on the battlefield. Sir John Moore, considered today to be the founding father of The Rifles, fostered the idea of the thinking, fighting man, where each individual soldier had a unique role to play on the battlefield; a bold move in what was an age of unquestioning obedience. Equipped with the Rifle, carrying no Regimental Colours and being the first to wear green jackets instead of scarlet, these 'chosen men' were at the forefront of military innovation. The Rifles today is built around the same ethos and looks forward with confidence and a relentless desire to innovate; to be one step ahead of its adversaries as were the Riflemen at Salamanca 200 years ago.'


For more information about this fantastic event, visit The Rifles website, or simply buy tickets from the Royal Albert Hall