Many of you will have seen, and probably taken part in our recent effort to find out what glaring gaps there were in our coverage of history in the Campaign series. And, as promised we have selected five of the more popular suggestions, gathered them together and put them up for a public vote in our book vote (which you can find on the right hand side of our homepage).

The possible titles selected (in no particular order) are:

Dien Bien Phu 1954
Rocroi 1643
Kokoda Trail (or Track...) 1942
Mohacs 1526
St Lo 1944

So, first things first - get voting and tell us what your favourite book is!

Now, I know lots of you will probably be screaming at us. Something along the lines of "What about XXXX it was suggested loads of times!!". Suggestions like Operation Torch, Singapore etc all received numerous suggestions, and yet we have not included it in the book vote.

Well there is one simple reason for that. Because they are already on their way. Some have been commissioned. Some are still proposals from authors. Some are coming out this year. And some, although they are still a twinkle in the editors eye, are being worked on as we try to track down the right author / illustrator team to work on them!

So go and vote for the book that you want to see the most. And keep an eye out for our next series to face the public suggestion test. Suggestions for New Vanguard start tomorrow!