We have now drawn the winners and a list of names can be found below, congratulations! Please note, all winners have also been notified by email.

John Harris

Firoz Ullah

David McEvoy

Paul Cornell

Matthew Ismert

David Bradley


The Festival will feature a host of first rate historians, each giving talks on a variety of topics on the history of the British Army. Our very own Terry Crowdy will be there, giving what will no doubt be a fascinating lecture on the Peninsular War, specifically on what French soldiers thought about their counterparts in Wellington's army. You might even be able to grab a signed copy of Incomparable... 

The full impressive line-up for day 1 includes:

  • Terry Crowdy - Napoleonic Wars
  • Colonel Stuart Tootal - Afghanistan
  • Colonel Tim Collins - Modern conflicts
  • Peter Caddick-Adams and John Irvin - Second World War
  • Sinclair McKay and Michael Smith - Bletchley Park
  • Brian Lett - SOE's Operation POSTMASTER
  • Mark Urban - Special Forces in Iraq
  • Fergal Keane - The World Wars
  • Janina Struk - Soldiers' images of war

Day two doesn't look too bad either...  You can read more information on Terry's talk on his blog post

So for your chance to win a ticket to the first day of the NAM's Book Festival, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and include NAM in the title.

Winners will be announced in a week's time

Good luck!