For the last few months, Osprey Towers (well, Editorial, anyway) has been abuzz with reaction to and discussion of the hundreds of suggested titles you’ve been submitting to fill the gaps in our coverage.

Well, with the series books out of the way, it’s time for the strange nephew of the Osprey family – Wargaming.

Now, Wargaming is, by its nature, both a little easier and a bit trickier to pin down ‘gaps’ in coverage. Easier, because there are so many variations in games, even for a single period or subject – World War II skirmish, mass-battle, platoon-level, company-level, 28mm, 15mm, micro-armour… The tricky part is because there are so many variations…!

So, we would like you to suggest five games that you think we need in our wargaming lines – either as a big, hardback game (e.g. Field of Glory or Bolt Action), or as one of our smaller Osprey Wargames (OWG) titles. Rank these from 1 to 5 (1 being your favourite) and post them in the comments section below. Please feel free to be as detailed as you need (with that in mind, “28mm Mexican Revolution skirmish” is probably more than enough – no need to go into whether it should use D10s or D6s, or what the combat resolution should be!).

We will then have a look at the suggestions, select the 5 most popular ones and put them up to the public vote in our monthly Book Vote.

For this to work we need you to support the titles that you see. It doesn't matter if someone has already suggested the 5 games you were going to suggest. Post them up anyway and support the suggestions made by others.

And don't worry if your favourite suggestion doesn't actually win the final book vote – we won't cast aside those ideas immediately!

So start commenting now!

If you already have a game that you think would be ideal for ‘the Osprey treatment’, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]