Our sister imprint, Osprey Adventures has had a great first year - and the crack team we have working on the list have been pulling out all the stops to not only create a collection of brilliant books, but also to start working on future titles in the list. The central pillar of the series is the fabulous Myths and Legends series, which has so far covered the likes of Thor, King Arthur, Jason and the Argonauts and a staggering array of Dragonslayers.

2014 sees more legendary titles emerge in the series. And inevitably no end to our terrible puns. Sorry about that.

Myths and Legends 7: Robin Hood (January 2014)

Myths and Legends 8: The Fall of Troy (March 2014)

Myths and Legends 9: Wizards - From Merlin to Faust (May 2014)

Myths and Legends 10: Charlemagne and the Paladins (July 2014)

Myths and Legends 11: Sinbad the Sailor (September 2014)

Myths and Legends 12: Theseus and the Minotaur (November 2014)


Stay tuned for more exciting information about forthcoming titles from our Osprey Adventures imprint in coming days!