Here's our latest batch of eBooks, including the eBook exclusive Burma Victory, the newly released Between Giants and a selection of our veteran series book. Enjoy!


ACE 66: Balloon-Busting Aces of World War 1
ACE 102: MiG-3 Aces of World War 2

AEU 35: No 126 Wing RCAF

CAM 23: Khartoum 1885 - General Gordon's Last Stand
CAM 109: Guilford Courthouse 1781
CAM 255: The Naval Battles for Guadalcanal 1942

COM 24: Conflict in the Balkans 1991–2000

DIG: Burma Victory: Imphal, Kohima and the Chindits - March 1944 to May 1945

DUE 12: F-4 Phantom II vs MiG-21
DUE 30: M60 vs T-62 - Cold War Combatants 1956 -92
DUE 50: F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15

DUE 52: British Frigate vs French Frigate

ELI 6: French Foreign Legion Paratroops
ELI 40: New Kingdom Egypt
ELI 186: Vietnam Infantry Tactics

FOR 9: English Civil War Fortifications
FOR 37: D-Day Fortifications in Normandy

FOR 41: The Channel Islands 1941–45
FOR 59: Crusader Castles in Cyprus, Greece and the Aegean 1191–1571

FOR 66: The Castles of Henry VIII

FOR 77: The Stalin and Molotov Lines

FOR 88: The Mannerheim Line 1920–39

FOR 100: The Führer’s Headquarters

FOR 102: Defense of the Rhine 1944–45

GNM: Between Giants - The Battle for the Baltics in World War II
GNM: Helmand - Diaries of Front-Line Soldiers

GNM: Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land

GNM: Naval Miscellany

GNM: Sticklers, Sideburns and Bikinis

MYTH 3: The War of Horus and Set

NVG 200: British Battleships 1914–18 (1)

OWG 3: In Her Majesty’s Name

RAID 40: Kill Hitler – Operation Valkyrie 1944

WPN 25: The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun

WPN 26: The Martini-Henry Rifle