You may have noticed (if you are a regular reader of the blog) that the Osprey HQ in Oxford is moving.

Full details of our move are available here.

As ever, with a mission of this importance, it is imperative that we maintain radio silence for the duration of the mission - so if you don't hear from us, assume that we are bravely fulfilling the mission brief in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Or we have been captured. In which case you may wish to deny all knowledge of us.

What does this mean for all of you - our loyal Allies? Well, all communication with the Oxford office will cease at 14.00 GMT today, and we will remain in silent running mode until 09.00 GMT on Tuesday. Our phones will be down and emails will also be temporarily disabled - theoretically all emails will be delivered once our server 'farm' has been relocated - but as ever with these missions, things can go wrong, so if you don't hear back from us, do pop your email through to us again towards the end of the week. Our fax number will be inoperable too - so hold off on sending through those orders for a couple of days please! When we re-emerge, all our phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses will be exactly the same as they are now!

Of course you can still order books through our website as usual, and if there are any issues you can contact our distribution teams at TBS (if you are in the UK or Rest of World) or Random House (USA and Canada).

Right. Synchronize watches. Deploy.


PS. Here is a picture of the assault course we have been using for mission training. It has been fun, we will be a little sad to see it go. And a tad sad to see the back of Midland House - our home for the last 8 years. Though we can't wait to get settled into our new top secret lair (whose address you can now find on our contact pages)