It is not often that your favourite publisher sets you homework. And certainly not a task that involves scrolling through thousands of lines of book suggestions on a staggering range of subject matters. But that is just what we did - and you responded (as ever) marvelously.

We used your suggestions to narrow the list of 2000+ titles down to a selection of the 10 books that were considered to be frontrunners by the greatest number of you. These ten titles were the 10 suggestions that got the most support from you all, and we have divided them up into two book votes - the first of which will run from tomorrow.

Unsurprisingly Campaign came out on top and initially we were tempted to put the top 5 Campaign titles up for the vote together, but in the end we have decided to spread out the top ten titles evenly across the two votes.

Thanks again for all of your help and enthusiasm with this - I hope it shows just how tough it can be for us to get just 5 titles every month from all of your brilliant suggestions. I am just rather pleased that one of my selected suggestions has made it through to one of the polls!

The first book vote based on this information will go up tomorrow. The second will appear at the beginning of December.