Dambusters Raid

In the last week over here in the UK you practically couldn't move without bumping into something referencing the Dambusters 70th Anniversary. The Dambusters Raid and the famous bouncing bomb have been featured in newspaper articles, news reports and TV programmes - and there has been some really interesting stuff cropping up online too.

Fantastic scenes have seen a Lancaster bomber perform a flypast over Derwent reservoir, where the squadron trained for their mission - is there anything quite like that deep rumble of a Lancaster engine? You can also track their mission step-by-step here. Or follow the raid hour-by-hour with a neat interactive map here.

Immortalized in the classic film The Dambusters (speaking of which, whatever happened to that Peter Jackson fronted remake?) the theme tune crops up at an array of concerts and the odd football match and has so entered the public awareness that it has even been used to advertise beer.

Putting that all aside, the raid remains a staggeringly bold and inventive moment in the history of the RAF, and accordingly the raid and the squadron that carried out have both been covered in detail by Osprey.


Aviation Elite Units 34: No 617 'Dambuster' Squadron covers the history of the 617 squadron, examining the men, equipment, aircraft, weapons and operations of the squadron.


Raid 16: Dambusters - Operation Chastise 1943 traces the history of the raid, following the bombers in the ambitious attack, examining the establishment of the Dambuster legend that resonates today.