I have sometimes been accused of being a warrior myself... or is that a worrier? Hmm - either way the brilliant Warrior series actually remains one of my long-time favourite Osprey series, with its glimpse inside the lives of the men, coverage of equipment and more personal look at the soldiers and warriors of history. Plus, exploded kit views. Which I still think is an awesome idea.

The search for new titles in the Warrior series is becoming quite tough - after all we have covered 169 different subjects so far, but your continued suggestions keep our imaginations ticking over nicely - and I am sure that a couple of regulars on the blog will be very pleased with one or two of the titles out in 2014!

Warrior 170 Roman Guardsman 62 BC-AD 324 (Jan 2014)

Warrior 171 Soviet Partizan 1941-45 (June 2014)

Warrior 172 Apache Warrior 1860-86 (July 2014)

Warrior ??? Mamluk Askar (November 2014)


How does that all sound?