En Garde. Ready for our Duel? If you are, strap yourself in and prepare yourself for the 2015 titles from the Duel series.

Duel 64: Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 630-1000 AD (January 2015)

Duel 65: Bf 109 vs Yak 1/7: Eastern Front (April 2015)

Duel 66: Panzer II vs 7TP: Poland 1939 (May 2015)

Duel 67: Spitfire II/V vs Bf 109F: Channel Front 1940-42 (June 2015)

Duel 68: RAF Fighters vs Luftwaffe Bombers: Battle of Britain (July 2015)

Duel 69: US Navy Carrier Aircraft vs IJN Yamamoto Class Battleships: 1944-45 (August 2015)

Duel ??: Panzer IV vs Sherman: France 1944 (September 2015)


And that concludes our Duel list for next year - some interesting titles in there with aircraft being pitched against Battleships and Bombers vs Fighters shaking up the selections. And a pretty strong selection for fans of Air Vanguard, Aircraft of the Aces and Combat Aircraft too! Next up is Warrior.