The new Waterloo (1) Quatre Bras is part of a trilogy of titles that will revise, and greatly expand on, Osprey's previous Campaign coverage of Waterloo. This is one of those topics that deserves a fresh appraisal every few years - both because of its historical significance, and because the ongoing research and investigation of dedicated historians frequently brings new facts and perspectives to light. 

Author John Franklin has once again thrown us a treat, providing us with some fascinating contemporary accounts of the battle that he used whilst researching his book. These two documents offer gripping and insightful views of the fighting at Quatre Bras: one is a letter written by an English captain to his father, the other an official report from a German Lieutenant-Colonel , and both provide a great ground-level perspective of the battle unfolding. 

We've made both available as downloadable PDFs, so please click on the links below to get access.

1.) George Barlow

The Torrington Collection. Letter, dated 7th July 1815, from Captain George Ulric Barlow, 2nd Battalion, 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot, to his father Sir George Hilare Barlow Bart., of Fir Grove, Westmeath.

2.) Andreas Cleeves

Niedersachsiches Haupstaatsarchiv, Hannover, Hann. 41 XXI, Nr. 151. Report, dated 25th November 1824, by Lieutenant-Cononel Andreas Cleeves, the former Captain commanding the 4th King's German Legion Foot Artillery Battery (Translated from German)


I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did. Remember, you can pre-order a copy of Waterloo (1) Quatre Bras now!