It's time for what is probably my favourite blog post of the month - New Artwork Day!

So prepare for a sneak peek at some illustrations from some of our forthcoming titles. 


Here, Peter Dennis has conjured up a great little scene - Shawnee and Mingo indians in a clash with American settlers. This plate is from Campaign 273, 'Point Pleasant 1774', which will be out in September of this year. Check out the warrior sneaking through the autumn leaves on the left!


This fantastic Gareth Hector scene is from an August 2014 book - Duel 62, 'F6F Hellcat vs. A6M5 Zero-sen'. Those of you familiar with my interest in the air war in the Pacific won't be surprised by this addition, but look how cool this piece of art is! The flames look like they're about to burst through the screen.

E-Yvain-Final-Lathwell (2)

Last but by no means least is Alan Lathwell's fantastic depiction of the knight Yvain rescuing a lion from a serpent - not a bad day's work I'm sure you'll agree! This image is to be discovered in Myths & legends 13, 'The Knights of the Round Table', which is out in January 2015.

I hope you enjoy ogling at these as much as I did!