Yesterday was supposed to be new artwork day, but we didn't want to overload you readers with a blog Tsunami. Because we are taking the opportunity this month to fully appreciate the beloved Campaign series, the following images are all from upcoming CAM titles. So without further ado - feast your eyes on the following!


CAM269_plate2 (2)

From Alesia 52 BC, CAM 269, out in June. A fantastic battle scene at night on the Roman siege works, eerily lit by the moon. By Peter Dennis


CAM270_plate1 (2)

Quite simply stunning picture by Steve Noon of Paratroops dropping in the not too distant CAM 270 - Operation Market-Garden.


CAM 268 AW_02 (2)

Howard Gerrard depicts a battleship in all the glory of a full broadside - from CAM 268, Operation Neptune 1944.


We hope you've enjoyed this month's sneak peek! New artwork day always fills me with a feeling akin to eating an opulent and catastrophically rich chocolate cake!