Another new artwork day is upon us. Once again I've been unleashed and allowed into the top-secret Osprey image archives to sniff out the very latest illustrations to share with you! I hope you enjoy this month's picks.

1.) CAM 278 - Cherbourg 1944 - Steve Noon


You might recall how excited I was when I first saw the original paintings for the plates in this book. This is one that depicts B-26 Martin Marauder bombers returning from a mission over Cherbourg during the crucial battle for the port. I'm no art critic, but I have to say I love the patchwork landscape below contrasting with the deep blue sea. Be sure to get this one when it comes out, because I can reveal that the other artwork in there is pretty spectacular too.

2.) Raid 49 - Stirling's Desert Triumph: The SAS Egyptian Airfield Raids 1942 - Peter Dennis



 Somehow, the expression on the two soldiers' faces seems to capture much of the essence of the Raid series. They look stealthy, secretive and ready to cause mischief! This is, of course, exactly what the fledgeling SAS did in their raid on the Luftwaffe airfield at Sidi Hanesh in 1942. Now this is obviously a great bit of work in its own right, but part of the reason I've included it here is because of a bit of internal pressure from the legendary Peter Dennis. When he sent through the painting a little while ago, his exact words were: "If that one with the two blokes in the scrub doesn’t appear (...) on the blog, there’s no justice." Let nobody accuse me of being unjust! Sadly, this great looking Raid title won't be out until April, but keep an eye out for it!

3.) New vanguard 219 - Riot Control Vehicles Ian Palmer



It's always nice to balance out some of the 'old school' illustrations with some digital work. This is one of the most unusual New Vanguard titles I've seen commissioned in my time at Osprey. It will cover the complete history of Riot vehicles, from the days of crudely adapted military armoured vehicles, to the purpose-built, complex and sophisticated riot control vehicles of today. Reading about some of the weaponry these use was mind-boggling - of course, excessive force in instances of civil unrest is extremely controversial, and so a particular sort of weapon is needed, including sub-sonic sound waves and microwave energy. I bet nobody can tell me which type of vehicle this is! 

Stay tuned for more exclusive art reveals (I will try, if the masters let me, to show some more before the next new artwork day!)