This weekend, on Saturday 31st May to be precise, Richard Brooks will be giving a talk on the subject of his latest book: the fabulous 'The Knight Who Saved England'.

Entry is free, as are the refreshments, so if you are even remotely close to the Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, we strongly recommend dropping in and listening!


The venue is the Princess Royal Gallery, which is really quite posh and cosy, and the talk will begin at 3 pm.

Richard is highly respected expert on the subject of William Marshal and the historical events of his time, and this talk will provide a valuable insight into the world that the Marshal lived in, exploring the context of a tumultuous and violent 12th-13th century Britain.

His talk will be illustrated (no, not with stickman cartoons of the key events in Marshal's life - though that would be an intriguing sight) and will be very enlightening.

So if you have read the book and enjoyed it, I urge you to head down and listen to what Richard has to say.

If you haven't read the book - I urge you to do so! Buy it here, and note that the Kindle edition is only £1.09!