I know that I once took only my second ever Osprey book on holiday to Sri Lanka with me - The Roman Army from Trajan to Caesar. We stayed in a small coastal village called Hikkaduwa, but proceeded after a short stay to travel inland to stay in the jungle, for five days and five nights.

The one luxury (necessity in my view, though not my fellow adventurers) item I took with me? It barely needs saying. I only wish there was a photograph of me to document the journey my trusty Men-at-Arms had been  on!

But perhaps you guys could provide us with some? I'll bet that, at some point, there's been an Osprey book in every single country in the world!

Please get in touch with your stories, and if you have any, why not email us your photos of you and your Osprey book on holiday or expedition to the [email protected] inbox, or tweet or Facebook us! 

Who knows, perhaps one day we'll even see an Osprey in space...