Next month the long-awaited Weapon 36 Panzerfaust & Panzerschreck comes out. I've always been interested in the 'tank fist' especially, because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the design.

It was a weapon that, in the right hands, could level the playing field between infantry and armoured vehicles. It was easy to use, making it an excellent guerilla weapon, especially in ruined urban centres. The following video, which is a wartime propaganda extract by the looks of it, demonstrates how simple it was to use the Panzerfaust.


Towards the end of the war, many poorly trained conscripts, Volkssturm, and Hitler Youth units were equipped with Panzerfauste and nothing else, as Germany ran out of anti-tank guns. Other armies, including the US and Soviet armies, were impressed enough with the weapon's capabilities to adopt them whenever and wherever they were found. 

I'm very much looking forward to next month's - both the Panzerfaust and the Bazooka-derived Panzerschreck are iconic World War II weapons and deserve the Osprey Weapon treatment!