A couple of weeks ago we announced that a batch of titles had been added to our short run print service for American and Canadian customers. Now some information for customers in the UK and everywhere else - some more titles added to our print-on-demand service. Have a browse through and enjoy!


Aircraft of the Aces 87 Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific

Aircraft of the Aces 91 Brewster F2A Buffalo Aces of World War 2

Aircraft of the Aces 95 Polikarpov I-15, I-16 and I-153 Aces

Aviation Elite Units 7 354th Fighter Group

Aviation Elite Units 9 No 43 'Fighting Cocks' Squadron

Aviation Elite Units 22 Jagdgeschwader 51 'Molders'

Battle Orders 4 German Airborne Divisions: Blitzkrieg 1940-41

Battle Orders 17 US Army Infantry Divisions 1942-43

Battle Orders 20 Rommel's Afrika Korps

Battle Orders 22 US Airborne Units in the Mediterranean Theater 1942-44

Battle Orders 24 US Army Infantry Divisions 1944-45

Battle Orders 25 US Airborne Divisions in the ETO 1944-45

Battle Orders 32 Panzer Divisions: The Blitzkrieg Years

Battle Orders 33 The US Army in the Vietnam War

Battle Orders 38 Panzer Divisions 1944-45

Campaign 39 Little Big Horn 1876

Campaign 67 Saratoga 1777

Campaign 142 Dunbar 1650

Campaign 182 Granicus 334 BC

Campaign 191 Vienna 1683

Campaign 200 Japan 1945

Campaign 202 The Arab Revolt 1916-18

Campaign 207 Solferino 1859

Campaign 211 Actium 31 BC

Campaign 222 Salamis 480 BC

Combat Aircraft 53 F15/C Eagle Units in Combat

Combat Aircraft 71 Il-2 Shturmovik Guard Units of World War 2

Combat Aircraft 78 F4U Corsair Units of the Korean War

Combat Aircraft 81 Israeli A-4 Skyhawk Units in Combat

Combat Aircraft 84 F-105 Thunderchief Units of the Vietnam War

Combat Aircraft 93 A-6 Intruder Units of the Vietnam War

Duel 12 F-4 Phantom II vs MiG-21: Vietnam

Duel 24 Fw 190 Sturmbocke vs B-17 Flying Fortress: Europe 1944-45

Duel 26 P-38 Lightning vs Ki-61 Tony: New Guinea

Elite 72 Napoleon's Commanders (1) c1792-1809

Elite 85 US Commanders of World War II (1) Army and USAAF

Elite 114 Knight's Cross and Oak-Leaves Recipients 1939-40

Elite 119 Apache Tactics 1830-86

Elite 139 Knight's Cross with Diamonds Recipients 1941-45

Elite 144 US World War II Amphibious Tactics: Mediterranean and European Theaters

Elite 164 British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815

Elite 166 The Bay of Pigs: Cuba 1961

Elite 174 American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics

Elite 176 World War II US Armored Infantry Tactics

Elite 197 Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991

Essential Histories 13 The First World War (1) The Eastern Front 1914-18

Essential Histories 14  The First World War (2) The Western Front 1914-16

Essential Histories 18 The Second World War (1) The Pacific

Essential Histories 22 The First World War (3) The Western Front 1917-18

Essential Histories 23 The First World War (4) The Mediterranean Front 1914-23

Essential Histories 45 The American Revolution 1774-83

Essential Histories 63 The Collapse of Yugoslavia 1991-99

Essential Histories 65 The Anglo-Irish War

Fortress 51 Indian Castles 1206-1526

Fortress 53 Defending Space: US Anti-Satellite Warfare and Space Weaponry

Fortress 64 The Castles of Edward I in Wales

Fortress 79 Israeli Fortifications of the October War 1973

Fortress 85 Scapa Flow

Men-at-Arms 457 Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years' War (1) Infantry and Artillery

Men-at-Arms 481 The Spanish Tercios 1536-1704

Modelling 13 modelling US Army Tank Destroyers of World War II

Modelling 015 Modelling the P40

Modelling 016 Modelling the F/A-18 Hornet

Modelling 017 Modelling the Panzer IV in 1/72 scale

Modelling 036 Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 109F and early G series

New Vanguard 190 British Heavy Cruisers 1939-45

Warrior 108 Mau-Mau Warrior

Warrior 143 Galloglass 1250-1600

Warrior 144 Italian Blackshirt

Warrior 146 German Pionier 1939-45

Warrior 162 Roman Republican Legionary 298-105BC

Warrior 163 Spartan Warrior

Weapon 21 MG 34 and MG 42 Machine Guns

Weapon 23 The M1903 Springfield Rifle