We're recruiting a Digital Legion. If you want to be a part of this online force, please apply through our rigorous selection process below and answer the questions.

We want the best!


a. Are you a military history blogger?


b. Do you know any military history bloggers?

If the answer to either of those questions is yes, proceed to level two:


Do you review books on your blog?

If yes, proceed to level three:


Do you review Osprey titles on your blog?

If yes: A big thank you! You are already part of the legion, and are leading the fight from the front lines! Make sure you point us in the right direction whenever you do a review!

If no, proceed to level four:


Would you like to review Osprey books?

If yes, proceed to level five;


If you would like to review Osprey titles but don't currently receive any copies from us to review, please get in touch in any way you can!

Once you have completed that process, you will become a soldier in Osprey's ever-growing binary battalions.

Whether emailing to the [email protected] inbox, commenting on the Facebook and Twitter feeds, commenting on the forum and blog, phoning up, writing via the good old snail mail or carrier pigeon, we'd love to hear from you!

Reviews really make us happy, the community of dedicated online reviewers out there mean a great deal to us.

Obviously we can't give our books out willy-nilly to just anybody, but if you can demonstrate that you are serious and passionate about reviewing military history books, we'd love to work together!

Our policy is that we generally only send out new, or at least very recent, releases for review, so we won't be able to send Campaign 1, for example.

We are always looking to expand our binary forces, so please don't hesitate, don't be shy - join the Legion, receive some books and tell the world what you think of them!