The start of a new month brings many things to the Osprey site. New books are available to preorder, we offer our customers a new discount and, of course, we put up a new book vote.

One thing we haven’t been doing up until now is announcing the winners of the previous month’s book vote, something I’m sure many of you are all interested in. Today that changes, and to make up for lost time here are the results from February to July.

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February 2015:

In February we ran a Campaign book vote. Here are the results:

CAM – Constantinople 717 – 718 28%
CAM – Tannenberg 1914 28%
CAM – Fallujah 2004 17%
CAM – Victorio’s War 1879 – 81 14%
CAM – Philippine Sea 1944 13%

Starting off with a tie to make things complicated. Just my luck! CAM - Constantinople 717-718 did edge it by a few votes, but there is clearly a lot of interest in both books.

March 2015:

Our March book vote focussed on the Combat Aircraft series

COM – Tupolev Tu-95 37%
COM – Lockheed AC-130 32%
COM – Boeing Chinook 18%
COM – Lockheed U-2 7%
COM – Cessna 0-2 Skymaster 6%

April 2015:

The Duel fans amongst you had your say in April.

DUE – Panzerfaust vs Sherman: ETO 1944-45 30%
DUE – AT-3 Sagger vs M60: Yom Kippur War 1973 24%
DUE – Stinger vs Mil Mi-24 Hind: Afghanistan 1979-89 21%
DUE – Mark V Tank vs Anti-Tank Rifle: 1917-18 16%
DUE: MRAP vs IED: 2007-2016 9%

May 2015:

Our May book vote had a World War I theme, with books from FOR, WAR, MAA, ELI and CBT all vying for your votes.

MAA: Portuguese Expeditionary Force in World War I 26%
CBT: Austrian Infantryman vs Serbian Infantryman in World War I 25%
ELI: World War I Tank Tactics 19%
WAR: Russian Soldier in World War I 15%
FOR: Dardanelles Defences 15%

June 2015:

A Weapon book vote ran in June, giving us another close one.

WPN: The FN MAG General Purpose Light Machine Gun 26%
WPN: The Dragunov Sniper Rifle 25%
WPN: The M79 Grenade Launcher 20%
WPN: Bullpup Assault Rifles 17%
WPN – The Glock Pistol 12%

July 2015:

And on to last month’s book vote – the Fortress vote.

FOR: German Medieval Castles 28%
FOR: French Medieval Castles 22%
FOR: Irish Castles 1150-1650 21%
FOR: Castles of Medieval Georgia 19%
FOR: Castles of the Chianti 10%

August 2015:

Now you are all up to speed, so it’s time to announce this month’s book vote. For August we are looking at Aircraft of the Aces:

ACE: Ki-84 ‘Frank’ Aces
ACE: JAAF/IJNAF Aces in Defence of Japan
ACE: Macchi C.202 Folgore Aces
ACE: German Aces over the Channel Front 1941-42
ACE: US Navy/Marine Corps Aces over Japan 1944-45

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