Osprey fans based in the UK will know that we have just started our Bank Holiday weekend, with businesses closing next Monday to allow tired workers to enjoy the sunshine/rain/snow/sleet/fog/smog or whatever else British weather throws our way. Many people take this opportunity to take a little holiday, so we here at Osprey thought we should give you a hand!

A relaxing day at the beach?

Beaches are often quite sandy, as are deserts. We have just the book for that!


Swap sandcastles for trenches and build fortifications that will withstand more than just the waves with the help of Elite 162 - World War II Desert Tactics.

Taking a cruise?

The seas can be dangerous, so it’s best to be prepared for any encounters. Luckily, we’ve got you covered!


Provided your cruise ship is a military landing craft, this is the book for you! With Elite 117 - US World War II Amphibious Tactics tucked safely in your bag you can rest easy knowing you are prepared for anything, from choppy seas to naval assaults.

A train trip to the country?

You never know who you might come across along those long stretches of tracks snaking around Britain. Probably a good idea to know how to defend yourself…


Sure, it's been a while since riders have attacked a train, but doesn't that suggest that perhaps we're overdue? Pick up Elite 171 - American Civil War Railroad Tactics and you'll know what to do should you encounter any troublemakers.

Heading somewhere hot?

That tropical paradise you are flying off to might look nice in the pictures, but are you prepared for patrols sneaking through the jungle?




In Elite 151 - World War II Jungle Warfare Tactics Dr Stephen Bull gives detailed analysis of jungle strategy, sure to give you peace of mind as you step off the plane and into the unknown.

Staying at home?

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be going anywhere, and so the burden of responsibility falls upon us should anything go awry. Luckily Osprey have a handy guide to tell us just what we need to do.


Keep your home safe with Elite 109 - The British Home Front 1939-45 by Martin J. Brayley.

Oh, and what a happy coincidence. It seems they are all reduced!

Have a great weekend!