Today marks the start of September, which of course means it is time for a new book vote. This month we are looking at the New Vanguard series, with 5 great books on the list for you to vote for.

Here are the books battling for your vote.

NVG: French M1897 75mm Field Gun
NVG: Italian Armoured Cars of World War II
NVG: Chinese Armour 1924–49
NVG: USMC Amphibious Assault Vehicle
NVG: Armour of the North Vietnamese Army

Head onto the homepage to cast your vote!


Oh, and lets not forget the August results.

ACE: Maachi C.202 Folgore Aces 26%
ACE: Ki-84 'Frank' Aces 21%
ACE: German Aces over the Channel Front 1941–42 20%
ACE: JAAF/IJNAF Aces in Defence of Japan 18%
ACE: US Navy/Marine Corps Aces over Japan 1944–45 15%

Quite a close one overall, but the Maachi C.202 Folgore Aces title takes it in the end. Be sure to head to the homepage to cast your vote for this month's book vote.