It seems like a long time since Osprey officially decided to enter the board game market, but today it is official!

Our first ever board game, The King is Dead is available! Designed by veteran game designer Peer Sylvester and illustrated by Osprey-favourite Peter Dennis, Osprey has focused on making a great game in a great package! We hope you will all agree we succeeded.  For those who haven't heard what the game is about, here is the official blurb:

The nation is divided. The Saxons are coming.

King Arthur is dead. Now, more than ever, Britain needs a ruler who can unite the kingdom, but who will take the crown? Players work behind the scenes, marshalling their limited resources to give power to competing factions and gain influence within their ranks. Players owe loyalty only to themselves, however, are free to shift their allegiances as they see fit. Whoever has the most influence over the most powerful faction will rule Britain. But be careful – too much infighting will give the Saxons an opening and put the entire nation at risk.

The King is Dead is a board game of politics and power struggles in Arthurian Britain for 2 to 4 players.

Buy it today!