I first played Frostgrave last Christmas with my brother. I had brought back some minis for us to use, and after creating our warbands we were ready to get onto the battlefield. We didn’t have any scenery at hand, but crudely-cut gift boxes soon had us battling it out on the icy streets of the Frozen City.

Over the next few days we played a lot, and whilst the ruins we had did the job they didn’t really have the fantasy feel we were after. More of a, well, cardboardy one. I decided that the next time we played I would have some proper ruins ready for us, and figured it would be nice if we could share them with you all too.

The Frozen 'City' in all its glory

So, available from today on the Osprey Games Gaming Resources page are three sets of ruins that can be freely downloaded, printed and used to build up the Frozen City. Granted, at present there is only enough to build a Frozen Village, but we will keep adding to this collection so that you can continue to explore the world of Frostgrave.

Building the ruins.

What you need:

Osprey Games Ruins Sheets (printed in Landscape)
PVA Glue
Cutting implements
Thick card (available from stationary shops)
Black Marker

A few miniatures eagerly await their new battleground

To make the ruins simply glue the Osprey Games ruins sheets to the card. Fold the card to get the shape you want the ruins to have then leave until the glue has dried (the paper has the tendency to crack in the corners if you wait until after the glue has dried.

Once the glue has dried, cut out your ruins and go around the white edges with the black marker pen. Glue on any extras (such as the wooden floorboards) and leave it until it has completely dried. Then all that’s left to do is set it up and play.

Here are the first three sets of ruins available to you:

Ruins 1: One storey house with window and floorboards


Ruins 2: Ground-floor ruins with broken window

Ruins 3: Ground-floor ruins with large doorway


Any ideas for the next scenery set? Let us know in the comments section below!