We've opened the first door on our advent calendar, and now as it's the first of the month, it's time to introduce this month's new book vote! This December, we're asking you to have your say on what should be added to our Campaign series. Have a read of these brief descriptions below and have your say here. Also, let us know what you think in the comments!

  CAM - Leuctra 371 BC

  CAM - Dyrrachium 1081–83                            

  CAM - Lake Erie 1813                    

  CAM - Kokoda 1942

  CAM - Ia Drang 1965

Leuctra 371 BC

A battle between Boeotian forces under the leadership of Thebes and the Spartan Army, then the dominant force in Greece. The battle saw the Thebans under Epaimonides use innovative tactics and achieve an important victory and that heralded the beginning of the end for Sparta as the pre-eminent power in Ancient Greece.

Dyrrachium 1081–83

A clash between the Normans under Robert Guiscard and the Byzantines under their Emperor Alexius I. Following the Norman conquest of southern Italy and Sicily they turned their attention towards the Byzantine territories in Greece and Dyrrachium is the most significant battle of the campaign.

Lake Erie 1813

One of the major naval battles of the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the fledgling United States. The American victory saw them gain control of Lake Erie which had a major impact on the course of the war.

Kokoda 1942

The bitter struggle between Japanese and Allied forces over the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea in 1942. A battle famed for the horrific conditions it was fought under.

Ia Drang 1965

The Pleiku campaign of October–November 1965 was the first substantial battle between the US Army and the People’s Army of Vietnam. It saw the first major combat commitment of the revolutionary 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) and is renowned for the actions around Landing Zone X-Ray and Albany as immortalised in the book and the film "We Were Soldiers Once… and Young".

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Now onto last month's results! November's book vote focused on our Combat Aircraft series, and whilst at times it was close, the winner with 31.21% is Arado Ar 234 Blitz Bomber. Last month's results can be viewed below. Thanks to all who voted, and don't forget to cast your ballot in this month's vote. 

 COM - US Navy S-2 Tracker Units 1954-76     9.19%
 COM - Arado Ar 234 Blitz Bomber 31.21%
 COM - Israeli F-16 Units in Combat                             21.15%
 COM - Wellington Squadrons of World War 2                              27.26%
 COM - F-4 Phantom II Wild Weasel Units  11.19%